I have six dining room tables to refinish. When I find sets, I snag them up primarily for the chairs, which sell much faster than tables. So, over time I get a collection of tables. This weekend, I decided to tackle at least one of the tables so I could check a box off of the to-do list.

I chose the largest table I have. Easily, this seats fourteen people.

I painted the top Old White and used a roller to apply the paint.

The base is French Linen and the edges got lightly hit with a sander to distress it.

Collapsed down, it is simply a normal size dining room table for six.

I also painted a low boy dresser that my folks picked up this weekend.

This comes with a coordinating mirror. With the wood detail in all of the drawers, I opted to use my sprayer.

I mixed the last of my Aubusson with Louis Blue, which gave me a bright blue color.

Right now, this is sitting in my backyard since I don’t have room for it in the store.

I could get used to it being there.

The top is the original dark walnut stain and has beautifully grainy top!

When I get this to the store, I will put dark wax over it…that is, unless it sells before then.

Both of these pieces are on the for sale page even though they aren’t at the store yet.

On the list of redo’s this week is another one of my dining room tables and a vintage record player and a host of chairs…to go with all the dining tables, of course!