I can just see this piece of furniture, sitting idly beside a grand canopied bed in a Carey Grant movie. The starlet (blonde of course) is laying in bed in a silky nighty with feathers wrapped around the sleeves and the collar, while engaging in witty conversation and smoking a cigarette (sooooo not glamorous, by the way).

All that is going through my head when I’m determining how much I’m willing to pay for something that makes me think of movie stars and was likely made in the 1920’s or 30’s.

I found this lovely piece on craigslist from a woman who lives just two miles south of me off of the same street, coordinated to come see it and barely made it home in an already full truck the same day (this was all yesterday, by the way).

Then, today I decided that I could wait no longer to tackle it with a paint brush.

I used Sea Green Milk Paint over the entire outside of the piece and in parts of the inside.

I love how unpredictable milk paint is. Where it grabs to the wood so nicely in some areas, in others it flakes off in a beautifully, natural looking aged sort of way.

The handles are original and dreamy!

And the inside…

Can I get an “oh baby” for the awesome pull out compartments with original metal inscripted labels.

Plus, hanging room for all those silky, feather lined nighties…or other stuff.

Sadly, the store is so packed full right now that I couldn’t possibly squeeze this in there. So, it will be on the for sale page available for viewing and/or pick up until I can fit it into the shop.