I have so many new things this weekend, every nook and crannie in the shop is filled with a goodie. The furniture, of course takes center stage!

I worked on some big projects this week, including a large dresser with a hutch, a new dining room table repurposed from an old door and chairs to coordinate.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve knocked some big projects off of the “to-do” list with my paint sprayer. The question I have received over and again on facebook and in my blog comments this week is what kind of paint sprayer do I use?

The answer is a Graco 2900. It’s a mid-model, around $150-$200 if I remember correctly and it works perfectly for latex paint and Annie Sloan. After May 19th, I will be doing some video tutorials on how to use this paint sprayer for painting furniture. I sooooo wish I had a tutorial when I first got it, and now that I’ve used it a lot, I have really figured out all the little tips and tricks to make it work extremely effectively.

As far as what got sprayed this week:

This hideous, beast of a piece. I HATE HUTCHES! I hate painting hutches and usually trash them and just keep the bases. But, for this piece I wanted the hutch for a new paint display.

I sprayed the base with Old White and the hutch with Louis Blue. I used a sponge to distress both pieces. The brillo pad was perfect for a scratchy distressed look and the sponge worked wonders to wash off the paint.

The little cubbie inside got a coat of Louis Blue, too.

Then there is the DOOR!

I got these Duncan Phyfe pedastal bases at a yard sale of all places and snatched them up to make my own table.

The old door was lying in my garage so I drug it out, painted it and put it on top of the pedastals. PERFECTO! The bases are painted in Provence and door is Old White. Two of the chairs are old white, two are Louis Blue and the other two are a latex blue color.

I leave you with some shots of the store!