I’m taking a deep breath and working toward decompressing from a busy but blessed day. It was one of those (sad to say, but few) days where EVERYONE with whom I had a conversation was so nice and friendly. Complete strangers. From store looky-loos, to a craigslist seller to a random guy driving by and watching me struggle with re-arranging a near disastrous furniture fall out in the middle of Lone Hill Ave. He stopped and helped  me re-arrange and tie down all my stuff.

Plus, my 5-year old spent the whole day with me in the store and “helped” all the while. Including, tackling her own project from start to finish with the promise that IF she finished, she would get to keep the money from the sale.

“No, mommy, NOOOOOO…don’t make me paint!!!” Well, not really. She’s just being a goof ball and believe me, she LOVES to paint.

I would trust no other 5-year old with a precious can of Annie Sloan Paint, but this girl has been painting with me since she was three years old.

Painting her first chair ever! Just 3-years old!

Although I’ve let her paint a dozen pieces of furniture, I’ve never had her tackle the distressing. So, today she got a lesson.

Check out that rapid hand movement with a fine sanding block!

I didn’t help her once! That’s the beauty of distressing. Anything goes (except for that Vaseline dresser I did a few weeks ago)!

When it was all said and done she posed for a picture.

She picked Emperors Silk for the paint and was very specific about using dark wax.  All in all, she did a fantastic job. At the end of the day, she had red paint from head to toe.

While Samantha was painting her side table, I was tackling this dresser.

I’ll share better pictures early next week, but it’s my latest and greatest with sheet music!

ANNNNNNND…I snagged a couple of fantabulous antique armoires off of craigslist.

I barely made it home with them!

I was cracking up because the incredibly nice lady who sold them to me did a full on google search to make sure I wasn’t going to kill her when I got to her house! That’s what I call doing your homework when dealing with a craigslist buyer!

Here’s to a welcome weekend of rest and relaxation…or painting. Whichever you prefer! 😉