Last week, I worked extensively on furniture to fill the store and 14 pieces later, the store is full. So, this week I had to play catch up on a handful of outstanding custom orders that have been placed. One of which was for this hum-drum, IKEA style (though much better made than IKEA) coffee table.

Solid pine wood with a honey/maple colored stain, this table is totally functional with zero pizazz. This one just happened to be picked off of my pick it before I paint it page.

In a quest to paint it a rich sage green color, we mixed 2 parts Versailles to 1 part Chateau Grey for a richer, softer green and this was the result.

The top was stripped and re-stained with a dark walnut finish and sealed with dark wax. 

The distressing in the cubbies and on the sides make it a worry free piece for those grand kids that will be shuffling and stuffing crayons, books and toys in the cubby holes.

A customer came in while we were finishing this piece and offered double the sale price to take it right then and there.

In the meantime, I have started about half a dozen projects and haven’t finished a single one of them.

Among them, this traditional kitchen table has already been painted. The base is Colonial Red and the top will be stripped and resealed with dark wax. But…it was taking forever to sand it down. So, I will let mother nature tackle it for a couple of weeks. With the perfect hot and sunny weather we’ve been having, direct sun exposure to the top of this table will dry out the varnish and help it to flake right off which should make sanding a breeze. I’ll be crossing my fingers on that one!

In other news, keep an eye out on information about our Knot Too Shabby Bazaar and Consignment Sale coming up in June! You can check the events page for more info.

Have a Happy “Picking” Weekend! I will be 😉