Have you ever wondered why they call it a Flea Market?

I always assumed it was because the stuff sold at Flea Markets is old and infested.

I did some research and though the origin of the term has been disputed, the general agreement is it originates from the literal French translation marche aux puces.  

The marche aux puces is an outdoor Bazaar in Paris, France that was named after the pesky parasites that infested the upholstery of furniture purchased there.

Lesson Learned: Beware of upholstered furniture! 

All that to say I went to the Flea Market yesterday. I like to hit up the Rose Bowl Flea Market a few times of year to indulge in the competitive spirit of vendors and the one of kind oddities that you can only find amongst thousands of sellers.

I tell you this…it doesn’t matter what time of year we go…it is ALWAYS HOT! January or June, it doesn’t matter!

Yesterday was no exception. Despite five hours of shopping, we barely scratched the surface of all that was being sold.

I did, however get some pretty cool things.

I bought the tin letters to make my own store sign. I love the letters, which are hand cut out of reclaimed and recycled metal and tin. The wood was from a different vendor and already pieced together and serves as the perfect backdrop to my letters.

I truly rare find. An antique Geography book from 1849 with page after page of old maps. I will sell these one page at a time. And, beneath it is an atlas from 1949 with pages of old maps.

Authentic and original fruit labels from a variety of packaging companies. I got about ten of these, all different. I stuck to ones that had some local flair…a few with Scottish images to appeal to us Glendorans.

An antique alarm clock from 1914. It sort of works. The alarm went off last night.

I’m such a sucker for vintage tin. The fact that these were blue was an added bonus. I bought these with the intention of keeping them…but, I have to give them a shot to sell in the store first.

A toucan garden ornament, hand made out of scrap metal. I actually don’t know why I got this. There was something about it that I thought was unique and would be interesting in the shop.

And, the cream of the crop…an antique apothecary cabinet. This was on the top of my “wish list” and was super excited to find one.

Among some other odds and ends not pictured, I got a few fabulous pieces of furniture including a Hall Tree from the 1920’s and a mahogany side board. They are BOOTIFUL and I’m going to be putting them in the shop for the Bazaar and Consignment Sale as “Pick it Before I Paint it” pieces.

A Happy Picking Weekend despite the sun and accompanying sunburn. 😉