It’s ironic. I am willing to spend $40 on a can of paint but won’t break down and spend the money to get my hair done. I usually make it to the salon about two times a year, and even then I do the bare minimum. Simple cut. No blow dry. That takes too much time. I wouldn’t dream of investing the time or money in a coloring treatment!

But, working next door to one of the hottest salons downtown has it perks. Enter Sandy.

Sandy is one of the hair stylists at Allure Beauty Essentials in Downtown Glendora.

I have successfully turned Sandy into a Chalk Paint addict! Every couple of weeks or so, Sandy comes in showing me pictures of the pieces she has painted and is going to sell. We share ideas, suggestions, etc. When Sandy said she wanted to come to a Paint and Play Workshop, I batted my eyes at her and asked if she would trade services with me. A Paint and Play in exchange for a cut and color treatment. She’s a dear and agreed!

So, last night after I spent the day painting in the store, I cruised next door to get primped!

Sandy asked what I wanted done, to which I responded with “I don’t care.” Just nothing too radical or stylish. I’m way too much of a simpleton to make a statement with my hair!

She was pretty excited to have some creative license over my locks. I likened it to my feeling of getting a custom order and the client says, “I don’t know what to do. What do you suggest?”

Sandy gave me “Aussie Lights.” A highlighting treatment “down under.” I can get some color variation in my hair with highlights peeking through without worrying about monthly maintenance to cover the roots! Too easy!

Then she gave me a simple cut, with wispy bangs.

Maybe I’ll actually start showing up to the store without a hat!

All this to say, that a great new “do” came about from sharing my passion for painting! As much as I love to sell my furniture (that is what pays the bills, after all), I get so fired up when I can share my love for painting and create an addict with the girl next door…literally!

So, here’s to Sandy! To her new love for painting and her existing passion for hair!

And, stop by Allure to meet all the girls! They are just the most gracious and wonderful group of people. Sandy and Pam do hair, Bernie will fix up your nails and Ann Marie has this great waxing treatment, just to name a few of them!