I just passed my one year anniversary on Glendora Ave…selling retail…out of a store that is! I had huge plans for my anniversary month as far as the blog goes. Customer testimonials and stories, room reveals of “knot too shabby” homes, including my own, major re-do’s that I never wrote about, painting tutorials, videos…there are a wealth of topics that I mull over my head, late at night when all is quiet.

Then, reality hits. I’m busy. I have a family, little girls, a pile of unfinished furniture, bills to be paid, furniture to be posted online, a website that needs daily updating, a house to clean, laundry to do…oh yeah, and have I mentioned we’re moving stores! AHHHHH!

I LOVE blogging, but it always seems to fall down to the bottom of the list.

No more I say! I am renewing my commitment to blog…regularly about meaningful things.

To start, this before and after of a gorgeous antique dresser that I bought from New Unto Others at the Bazaar.

The detailing won me over on this piece and it is the most expensive single piece of furniture I have ever purchased to refinish. I saw Old Violet and Old White. Everyone was trying to talk me out of Old Violet. “French Linen, Paris Grey…keep it neutral!” I love those colors, but when push came to shove, I really wanted it Old Violet. So, I disregarded the feedback and went with it.

Heavy dark wax richens the Old Violet. I left all of the original hardware which was intact and in good shape. The brash finish compliments the wood distressing nicely…in my opinion.

Ahhh…those feet! sigh

This dresser has a coordinating low-boy with a mirror that I have yet to refinish. But, that will be a bit more traditional. I’m not sure which way I’m going yet but I will definitely share the final result. I’m holding off until I get my Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint starter kit.

 What color would you put on it?