…for milk paint that is!

It’s scheduled to ship…tomorrow? Maybe Monday? Soon! 

In preparation for the new paint line and all of the goodies that come along with selling the paint (like new brushes, antiquing wax, hemp oil, etc.), I needed a new dynamic display piece. 

Usually, I just use a piece of furniture that is in the store…like a shelving unit, curio cabinet or dining table stacked with crates and chairs. 

On two separate, but recent occasions, I got a bookshelf and a coffee table.

Nothing over the top exciting. 

Except, that I had seen one of my favorite blogs (4 the love of Wood) that I follow take a coffee table and a bookshelf and turn it into an open shelf curio style cabinet.

That’s pretty ingenious if you ask me! And, it just so happened that the bookshelf and coffee table that I had were comparable in style, the perfect size for a display piece and can easily be disassembled if someone wants to buy them individually.

The end result is Tricycle Red on the frame and Annie Sloan Pure White on the shelves (I ran out of Ironstone). 

As soon as it is filled with the glorious twelve colors in all the gorgeous packaging, waxes, hemp oils and brushes, I will update with a new photo! 

Until then, it sits…empty…in anticipation!