The last of my Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint samples are dwindling and I’m anxiously awaiting my first shipment which should arrive any day now! 

I scraped together the last bit of Ironstone White to paint this fabulous executive desk. 

All original hardware intact and a beautifully finished wood top that needed nothing more than a bit of cleaning and some hemp oil to revitalize the finish. 

White is not one of my “go to” colors for projects. With several years of painting and selling under my belt, it is one of the least sell-able colors on furniture, though I sell more cans of white paint than any other color. So, go figure!

I opted for white on this desk because I thought it would be a bright and sharp contrast from the rich wood.

I was really banking on a nice chipped look and thought for sure I would get lots of chipping because of the glossy varnish, but it just didn’t “chip” like I was hoping.

It kind-of peeled away in places.

The distressing on the sides really makes the wood detailing and framing pop.

And, for visual interest, I added the numbers in Pure White on the top of the desk. 

Next Milk Paint color…Tricycle Red. Coming soon…