This is the dresser and here is the story. 

Late this past summer, one of my dearest friends from back east  (who I write about all the time because we are kindred spirits in the picking world) came out to California for family vacation. She was on her way down to the river…or maybe a lake…and she saw this dresser on the side of the road. 

That’s Sally!

I can just hear her husband when she tells him to pull over so they can load it and bring it to my house. “Are you kidding me. We are not picking that up!” He probably sounded just like my husband when I see stuff on the side of the road and want to pull over. 

Well…there it is. Picked by my Virginia girlfriend, on the way to family vacation in So. Cal and “dumped” (I mean that in the most lovingly way) in my driveway. 

And in my driveway it sat…and sat…and sat. I got it while we were transitioning from the store across the street into our new space and was trying to resolve how things would fit in the storage unit and the back workroom. Finally, I brought it to the shop and decided to slap some paint on it. 

I must’ve been feeling feisty because I went extreme! Antibes Green Extreme!

I painted Antibes on the framework of the entire piece and when it was almost dry, I dry brushed watered down Florence.

Then, the drawers got a coat of Florence.

Just a light distressing and a little bit of dark wax to richen the color. 

Sunglasses anyone?

I like how it came out. Even though it’s a far cry from my usual style. 

Hopefully someone likes it! 

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