Having my own little hobby store is so much fun! I get to “play” virtually every single day, doing something that I love, shopping for things I can’t live without and inspiring people to let their creativity flow with nothing more than a paint brush and an idea! 

About nine months ago, one of those creative-minded people stopped in the shop. She stood in front of me and said, “we are going to be best friends!” I kind-of half smiled and was like, “ummm…ok.” 

She asked me if I would sell some her hand made art.

At the time, I was still offering limited consignment opportunities, so I agreed to give it a go. 

But, they weren’t really moving. 

Then, through brainstorming, a little bit of Internet based research and experimentation, she refined her art into this…

While I was a bit un-moved by the canvas art, the photo emulsion on wood took my breath away! 

Michelle Black is just another mom in town with an itch to make something of her hobby and turn it into an inspiring piece of home decor! 

And, guess what? We are pretty good friends now with weekly (sometimes daily) conversations that begin with, “I’ve got an idea…” Dangerous words! 

Michelle’s art is the hottest new stuff in the store! 

She has found her creative niche…taken her love of photography and figured out how to turn it into a beautiful piece re-purposed art. 

And, each piece comes with its own story…the tale of where the picture was taken and the unique quality of each piece of wood. 

To top it off, she has agreed to teach you how to do this! 

Together, we are offering our first Image Transfer Workshop, so that you can learn how to take your own precious photos and create a one of kind portrait. 

Our first workshop is scheduled for Saturday, December 1st from 4:00-6:00 pm. We only have ten spots available and I know this is going to book up fast! Cost is $60 and you don’t have to bring anything with you! You will learn about the process and create your own work of art to take home! 

Call to sign-up over the phone or stop by the store to add your name to the list! 

As much as my own style has matured throughout the past year, it’s been a blast to watch Michelle refine her talent and grow to an amazing and unique artist! 

Michelle has her own exciting things happening in the near future (like a magazine publication) so check out her blog, The not so Cooke Cutter Life to keep up with all her new projects. 

In the meantime, you just might see us huddled together in the store with a piece of paper and pen making a list of our next great scheme!