I have a pretty lengthy wish list. This is the list that my special pickers get when they go scavenging for me. On it include things like vintage typewriters, cameras, globes, windows, doors, wood ladders, wire baskets, crates. Those are the things easier to come by. Then, there’s the harder to find items…like a windmill (I know, I’m weird), old weather vanes, antique mannequins and books from the 17 and 1800’s. Don’t get me wrong, they’re out there just harder to find and more expensive. 

My wish list of late has included a warehouse cart.  Back in the day, before forklifts, warehouse workers would use hand constructed carts to move objects and inventory from point A to point B. They are made with durable wood planks and extremely heavy cast iron frames with big wheels. Awhile back, Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware started making replication pieces to be “re-purposed” as coffee tables. You can only imagine how much they cost…in the thousands range. 

I wanted one. But, not a replica. I wanted a real one. So, when, back in March my girlfriend Sally texts me a picture of her great find, I was ooozing envy!

Sally found this beauty at a barn sale!

I was disgustingly jealous of Sally’s amazing treasure. When will I find one?

Well, just a few weeks ago, I was at a house picking up some furniture from one of my favorite customers. While we were going through everything, she mentioned that I had had a huge trunk in the store that she wanted but she didn’t see it the last time she was in. In and of itself, that wasn’t an entirely random comment except for the fact that the over-sized trunk was sitting in the back of the truck. You see, I had taken it home to keep but discovered that the scale of the piece wasn’t right for the room I had in mind. So, I loaded it back up for the store but never bothered to unload it. We man handled it out of the truck and took it in her house for her to keep. 

Anyway, while we were loading the furniture that I was taking, I saw it (a real warehouse cart) in the driveway. It was propped up on its side with one of the garage lights casting an angelic glow over it. I was like, “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!” Debbie, my friend said it was a similar situation as the over-sized trunk. She got it for her house but it just wasn’t working. To which I responded (you have to hear my frantic, overly loud voice and see the wide eyes) “I’LL TRADE YOU THE TRUNK FOR THE CART?” All the while, I’m trying desperately not to drool and sound like I wanted it as badly as I did…which of course, I did want it…BAD.

My very own authentic warehouse cart. 

The real thing. 

Complete with paint worn, metal framing. And, I just love the worn teal! That’s my color!

Rusty metal wheels.

Authentic nail heads!

Time worn and true!

There are even some places on the table that have knots and burn marks. It’s so cool! I only wish I could know where it’s been in its lengthy life!

Like everything I get, it didn’t look like this when I brought it home.

It was filthy…like stuff and bugs growing beneath it. I used a broom to sweep off the loose debris and then vacuumed it. Then, I sanded the whole piece by hand with a 60 grit paper. It was really rough and would tear up a hand if anyone touched it. Once the finish was smooth and toddler proof, I used Miss Mustard Seed’s Antiquing Glaze to add some richness and protection to the wood. The wood was so dry it completely sucked up the wax. I topped it off with MMS Beeswax.

I was really worried that the table was going to be low to serve as a coffee table. From ground to top, it only sits 11 inches off the ground while a traditional coffee table is between 14 and 17 inches. However, the scale of the table is perfect for my living room and makes for a great foot rest, singing stage (as my five year old discovered) and step aerobics step (which I discovered one night). 

Thanks for the trade, Deb! 

Oh, and by the way…I’m not selling this…so don’t even ask. 🙂

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