When two perfect things come together, magic happens!


But, seriously…

At least six months ago, I traded a (dilapidated and wonky) table for an antique Singer Sewing Machine. I’ve wanted a an old Singer for two reasons; the first, to paint in a wild color and use as a console table of sorts. The second, to dismantle and use for parts.

That’s what I did with this one.

I took the entire piece apart. I kept the drawers and used them to stash various and random items. The wood framework I used as wall art. And, the base was going to serve as a new and improved table base.

Unfortunately, it sat collecting dust for the past six months because I didn’t have the right table top. I thought about dismantling a pedestal table…but, I wasn’t feeling it. I had a few coffee tables…but, they didn’t have the right look either.


a month ago, I visited my favorite barn sale near my sisters house in the desert and found these.

Raw wood, vintage wire spools that had the original rusty nail heads and company stamps.  


Seeing as how the spool was never intended to be handled for day-to-day use, it was really rough. I had to sand it quite about to smooth the finish and then I just applied some Annie Sloan Clear Wax to protect the wood and soften it even more.


It seats four people comfortably.

Probably, my favorite refinishing and re purposing project to date!