It’s been over a week since I posted anything. I had a couple of blog posts sketched out for this week, but after the awful Connecticut news last week, my general feeling was “who cares about furniture?” Who cares about how to make a wax glaze? What difference does it make that we chose Emile over Henrietta

I can’t go online or turn on the radio without hearing about the teachers, the children, the parents. It hit waaaay too close to home! So, I’ve spent my week cuddling with my little girls more, exercising a greater level of patience and basking in the simple joys of picking them up from school and watching them sleep. Then I pray that God will keep them safe and I move on in my day, recognizing that I have no control over what may come.

And, we manage to move on, even as we reflect, show sympathy and pray for those impacted.

Thanks to our awesome new crew of painting interns (we have four now), we finished a few pieces in the past week.

A cute side table painted in Emile with a “stencil” treatment using a large doilie.

Old Ochre covers the base of this coffee table with French script on the original wood top.

Just finished today and not even properly photographed, a fantabulous mahogany dresser refinished with a 50/50 mix of Paris Grey and Louis Blue, Old White and dark walnut wood stain.

And, we got a new addition with the vintage carousel horse.

I think she needs a name. Any suggestions?