Do you ever come across a piece of furniture that is just so horrible that you wouldn’t even dream of touching a paint brush to it?

Horrible was an understatement for this nightstand.

The paint application was so thick and chunky. It was beyond repair. Worse yet, this isn’t solid wood so stripping the paint off took it down to the beautiful bare cardboard. 

I used this piece as a perfect opportunity to teach Maddie how to apply an impasto finish.

Impasto finishes are perfect for damaged pieces of furniture. The paint application combined with a dark wax finish adds texture and consistency throughout, hiding the horrible application of the previous paint. 

For this piece, it added a rustic component which in some ways contradicted the very dainty and feminine lines of the nightstand. 

The diamond cut glass crystal knobs juxtapose the rustic finish and bring in a bit of elegance. 

This was basically a piece salvaged from a future destined for the dumpster.