Some things take forever to finish. 

Such was the case as my Master Bathroom. I started refinishing it last April…yep…nearly a year ago. 

I re-painted my chipped up, laminate, boring, hum drum cabinets and started to re-paint the walls.

That’s as far as I got (FYI…it is never that messy…this is just my “shoot…I forgot to take a before picture stage of the project”). 

I cut-in half of the walls and never got around to finishing painting. The paint can actually sat on the floor in the bathroom for ten months. My girls got used to using it as a stool.

My problem was that I never liked the result. I hated the way the cabinets looked painted in the blue and the white walls were not working for me.

But, one day, ten months after I started this project I stood in my bathroom and decided, “today is the day I finish it!” And, so it was. 

I started by finishing the walls. I was hating the white, though. Then, I finally realized it wasn’t the white paint, it was the blue cabinets. So, things snowballed and I re-painted the bathroom cabinets.

A fresh neutral. About half Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in French Linen with half Old White. The soft grey is paired with the Paris Grey in my bedroom. It is different enough to not be so matchy matchy but still warm and neutral. 

I like this much better!

My husband and I spent an afternoon framing the mirror in some new trim.

That has been on our list of things to do for over seven years!!! I painted the trim in Old White and added some dark wax.

I re-accessorized the wall with the same jewelry board…just added some new fabric and paint and then framed it out with the antique picture frame in the original wood finish. 

The cabinet above the toilet got a fresh coat of paint to match the other cabinets and some new knobs to tie in the splashes of blue.

The rug was hardly a splurge! I got it on clearance at Home Goods for $12 and it was the bouncing off point for finally finishing the bathroom once I decided I wanted to keep it in there.

It’s funny how that inexpensive rug gave me just the kick in the butt I needed to finish!

The real splurge was the preserved Boxwood trees I picked up from Home Goods! I got a set of two of them for $50 in a cute chicken wire basket.

I re-used the chicken wire basket and hung it above the toilet for extra TP.

I pulled the rest of the accessories from around the house.

I spent less than $100 on the whole project, and most of that was on accessorizing the space with new towels and decor.

The final touch was telling my kids they weren’t allowed to use my  bathroom anymore! No more spilled toothpaste, piggy holders and jewelry covering my counters!!! 

It is now a space that I am motivated to keep neat and clean and a big project off the “to-do” list!