My March home improvement goal is to refinish, from bottom to top my girls bedroom.

My poor little Molly girls is almost four years old and wears her sisters clothes, gets the remnants of her sisters shoes, slept in her sisters nursery and moved into her sisters big girl room. She has total and complete second child syndrome! When I tell her to put something away in her room, she isn’t sure whether she should toss it in the room where her shoes and clothes are (the guest bedroom) or the room where she sleeps. So, we are going to fix that problem.

Here’s a peek into our current chaos.

A dysfunctional closet that the girls share with daddy. I even have sewing machine in there that probably has an inch of dust on it.

Out-dated room decor. I liked the fun and vibrant zebra print four years ago but I’m over it now. Plus, it doesn’t reflect the personality of my girls…at all.

Too many toys.

A new design plan for the beds.

This is their room today!

I thought I would share about how I get ready to do an interior re-design…keeping in mind that I am by no means an interior designer.

Step 1:
Find Inspiration.
Pinterest is the single best resource for inspiration. A compilation of great ideas in a single place that can be easily organized. I started looking at little girls bedrooms on pinterest to find some common themes to what I liked and built a Girls Bedroom Pinboard. I started pinning bedding, colors, and decor from other sites to my pinboard.

This was my single favorite bedspread. Unfortunately, it isn’t readily available. Most likely, it is a hand knitted afghan made by a very talented Grandma.

Step 2:
Find Common Themes
If you look at all of the pictures on my pinboard, you will notice the common themes.

I like vintage quilts, geometric patterns, stripes, pennants and vibrant colors; neutral walls and wood floors…what’s not to like about wood floors!

Step 3
Creat a Plan
With an idea of all the styles that I like, I needed to create a plan that is “pin worthy” and not a total “pin ripoff.” What’s the fun in room design if you copycat?

This is my plan!

Two new bedding sets that do not match. That was key for me. I did not want the girls bedding to be identical, rather compliment each other. I learned through this process that my favorite bedding sets were either horrifically expensive (like $300 + for twin sizes) or homemade. Since I don’t sew, I had to find a lesser expensive alternative incorporating the design style that I liked. The duvet and sham is on order from the Land of Nod and the Quilt and Sham is basic Bed Bath and Beyond.

The wall color is the same as my bedroom, Behr Silver Screen. It is a gorgeious neutral. Soft and calming and perfect to balance the patterns and colors that I am using.

The geometric rug is from Overstock Clearance section and will cover most of the bedroom floor. We are going to rip up the carpet and hope for something workable underneath. I don’t have my hopes up, though because half of the bedroom is an add-on so probably has a cement foundation.

The curtains will be narrow floor length panels from the teal flowers with simple white sheers behind them. White burlap will cover the panels on the bunk bed (which will also get a fresh coat of Old White) and the other fabrics will be used for decorating in some capacity.

Step 4
Be Willing to Deviate from the Plan
Like any good plan, I know that all of these elements may not work well together once we get them in their space. I was sure that everything I purchased has a refundable return policy so that I’m not stuck with a large rug that won’t work anywhere else in my house.

I’ll keep updating as I work on this project. It’s sure to take several weeks because there are several lengthy elements of furniture refinishing involved along with the standard painting and decorating.

This is my kind of fun!