We had such great weather earlier this week, conditions were ideal for some relaxing, outdoor painting. I tackled two fairly substantial projects!

The first being this antique vanity that I picked up last weekend.

It came with a large round mirror and coordinating bench. 

For the framework, I mixed Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Duck Egg Blue with Paris Grey.

The drawers are Old White and I added new knobs because the originals were broken and/or missing.

The bench was nothing but a small piece of wood, so I had to rebuild the cushion. I added some very cushy, 2 inch foam, used an old, white curtain to round the edges and covered with some leftover rosette fabric that I had. 

I spent a fair amount of time crawling on the ground with my camera trying to get some decent pictures that didn’t have my elbow, head or hands in it. I just gave up!!!

 A mix of dark wax and clear wax finishes this piece. 

The other piece was this roadside rescue that my girlfriends dad picked up and dropped off behind the store. I think my mom spent about 45 minutes cleaning it off it was caked in layers of dirt and grime. 

I took this one home with me along with a can of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Greek Blue and in Pure White.

I think it looks pretty remarkable considering…

I added new burlap covered knobs to the doors and hit the framework of it with dark wax here and there! 

I’m trying to get motivated to paint something today, but it’s just so darn cold. Well…California cold…like 65 degree. Brrrr…hoodie and scarf weather for me. Good thing I don’t live in the midwest or east coast. I’d never get anything done! 

On a side note, tomorrow starts our spring cleaning clearance sale. Some store items will be discounted and the storage unit will be opened for project lovers and pickers galore…yard sale prices!!! Stop by during the weekend.