A couple of weeks ago, Sabrina coordinated a booth at the Monrovia Farmers Market.

She hooked up with one of our newest paint addicts, Donna who just took the Annie Sloan Paint and Play Workshop, and the two of them loaded the truck with a handful of goodies from knot too shabby, but mostly stuff of their own to sell. 

I took some paint samples with me…

…a couple of pieces of furniture that I had marked down in price…

…and my two munchkins.

Donna and Sabrina set up the booth in its entirety. I was walking around taking photos of the different vignettes.

I got to this one…the primitive trunk and spurs. I’m pretty sure I gasped out loud about the wood…bowl…thing. “I LOVE THIS!!!” Sabrina gave a knowing look to Donna and said, “I told you she would love that thing!” 

I kept touching it…feeling it….looking at it. By the end of the night, it didn’t sell. Donna told me I could try it out and see how I liked it. 

I pretty much have to have it.

I have the perfect place for it on my living room coffee table/industrial railroad cart.

We don’t know what this was used for.

Some of the guesses are that it was some sort of trough for feeding animals.

It appears as though it used to have long handles on both sides, so perhaps it was used to carry grains or wheat from a field.

Whatever it was used for, some of the original details and the coloring of the worn wood are too perfect for words.

And for now, it is the perfect place to stash some of my favorite pitchers.

That is, until I find some different things to put in it.

I suppose I should actually buy it from Donna. Maybe she will forget she let me try it out. 😉

What do you think it’s original purpose was?