In my search for some variety with my painting, I have been mixing colors…a lot! I thought I would share some of my most recent “recipes” along with some of the newest furniture pieces.

It’s hard to believe, but this dresser is painted with milk paint. I mixed it in the magic bullet and got a deliciously, frothy mixture that applied with a super smooth finish. Bonding Agent prevented it from chipping, even on that higher gloss finish. 

I don’t have an exact recipe since I used leftovers, but you can play with the combinations until you find the shade you like. I mixed about 2 tablespoons Boxwood with 2 tablespoons Kitchen Scale and then added about 1/2 a cup (maybe more) of Grain Sack to lighten it. The white color on the accents is Old White.

This little chest of drawers is so cute and charming! 

I mixed leftover Greek Blue, Arles and Paris Grey. It was a pretty random mix but I was using the bottom batches in leftover cans. You know…making the most of my Chalk Paint®

This mid-century dresser was screaming for some visual interest. I used an ombre affect to add a splash of color. 

The bottom drawer is mixed with 2 parts Louis Blue to 1 part Antibes. I used that same base color for the middle drawer, but added 1/4 part Old White to lighten it, and another 1/4 part Old White for the top drawer. It’s a beautiful sea-foam green color.

This hall tree that I’ve been hanging onto for over a year I finally painted. I used 2 parts Provence to 1 part Olive to get, yet another variation of the sea foam green color.

This classic Duncan Phyfe table is a custom mix of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint.

I mixed roughly equal parts of Kitchen Scale and Mustard Seed Yellow to get another green shade. 

You can clearly see where my mixing colors trend to go…definitely to the blue greens. I guess that’s my way of moving away from blue…using blue as a base and adding yellow. At least I’m trying to go out of my blue comfort zone. 

On the more classic side, this twin bed is painted in straight up, Paris Grey. I hardly ever display beds so thought I’d throw this one in the mix. Plus, I beam with pride over this one because my six year old painted it and did all of the distressing. To date, it the largest project she has ever tackled. 

I added the stencil and let her have a break from all of the waxing. 

What is your favorite mixed color? Please share on our knot too shabby Painters Facebook page so we can share ideas!!!