My poor husband. He puts up with so much of my garbage. Like, constantly changing our home décor. A throw pillow here, new rug there. Anytime new furniture comes into the mix, it always involves a, “HEY BABE, will you help me move (insert name here)?” He’s so gracious about it…I mean, he totally rolls his eyes every time, but he’s gracious.  

So, my Dad went to check out some furniture for me a few weeks ago.

I nearly freaked out when I saw this buffet! My dad says to me, “did I do good?” Are you kidding me. This was awesome. I did my classic, “I’M GONNA KEEP IT,” yell! Hence, my hubby rolling his eyes again because it meant moving some furniture out of the house and into the store in order to make room for this piece.

You would think that I’d have an awesome, fully stocked workshop at home. But, I don’t. I have mostly empty cans of paint and leftover bags of milk paint. When it comes to needing a larger quantity of paint, I usually have to mix leftovers together to get enough. This was no exception. I wanted a blue shade that would pop in my kitchen. I had some French Enamel Milk Paint, Linen, Grain Sack…I threw them all together. It was too blue…not enough teals and greens. That exhausted my milk paint supply. I had some Duck Egg Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan in the garage so threw some of that in there. It was too dark…so I added some Old White and Paris Grey to knock it down a bit. It all went in the magic bullet and I blended the heck out of it.

It was a bit on the bright side, but with some dark wax the color would be much calmer.
The right side is painted before wax and the left side is after wax. The difference is night and day!
And, there it is all set up in my kitchen.
The top wasn’t in bad shape, so I lightly sanded it and added a coat of dark wax to finish and protect it.

The white details are painted with Linen Milk Paint and chipped beautifully.

The Chalk Paint® served as a great bonding agent because the milk paint base and Chalk Paint® mix didn’t chip at all.

I had fun displaying all my little trinkets and treasures.

The ultimate irony…this piece isn’t in my kitchen anymore. I found another piece for my kitchen and scrambled to find a new place in the house for the buffet. Which meant more moving furniture, having to get rid of a piece…oh and having Geek Squad come out to re-wire for the TV all to make room for furniture.

My husband says to me…”you can’t just leave well enough alone, can you?” Ha Ha!!! Where’s the fun in that?

Please tell me, I’m not the only who has to constantly re-arrange…????