I have weddings on the mind. Perhaps it’s because my anniversary is this weekend and I’m feeling nostalgic. Or, maybe it’s simply because it is the month of June…wedding month. 

Did you know that we rent our furniture and other stuff? I wouldn’t go as far to say that we are a rental company…but we can be a great place to find that last minute “something” that you need to finish your reception and ceremony space!

Like that cute chest of drawers with vintage decorations! Yep…that’s one of ours.

Maybe some mis-matched tables and chairs for the pre-reception waiting area. That’s one of our tables, too!

Who doesn’t love photo booths?! This one goes along with the vintage, farmhouse theme with all of the cute accessories. Most of those came from knot too shabby.

Even if you aren’t feeling the whole vintage vibe, with the right eye you can add some unique flair to your decorating!

This Peacock themed color palette mixed it up with splashes of yellow…or more specifically, Arles. That’s our Duncan Phyfe and farm chairs! 

Like I said…last minute rentals. We only reserve items for rent for up to 30 days. But, the plus side is that it is very cost effective! Chairs are only $10 to rent and tables run anywhere from $25-$75. The accessories are as little as $5 each and if you need stacks of vintage books for decorations…well, those just cost $1 to rent. 

I have to give huge props to Meghan Wiesman who took all of the photographs above at several stylized wedding shoots! She is super talented and comes highly recommended. Also, these shoots were stylized by Aliki at Firefly Studio Events and Designs who has fantastic vision and can pull some of the most obscure items together for an intricately detailed and magical wedding. 

Ahhh…to get married! I wish I could do it all over again…the wedding that is…not the marriage. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.The wedding, however would be completely different. But, after eleven years, whose wouldn’t? Last year, for our ten year anniversary I had this goal to be able to fit into my wedding dress. Well, I didn’t even bother to take it out of the box because I knew there wasn’t a chance in my wildest dreams that it was going to budge over my excessively wide hips. This year…well, just maybe I will be able to zip it up. We’ll see…and if I can get it on, I’ll take a picture!