I went to take a “before” picture of this desk at least five times and was constantly interrupted. By the time I finished the first coat of paint, I realized I never took the “before.” So, use you’ll have to use your imagination. 

I used painters tape to make it chip. It was a bit of an experimentation process.

The finish was a high gloss, so I mixed about 2/3 linen to 1/3 Kitchen Scale and added a little bit of the bonding agent so that the paint wouldn’t peel off. Well…that was my intention. I wanted it to chip a little.

I painted stripes on the front of the drawers and was hoping that the bonding agent would prevent the tape from peeling the paint right off. It sort of worked. It took little pieces of the paint with it making the chippiness look authentic.

The sides didn’t chip at all so I started slapping tape around it to manipulate the chipping. It totally worked!

I had to chip around the tape so it didn’t look like straight lines fo chippiness.

I think this desk looks nautical. The blue and white stripes and brass handles. I could just see an anchor hanging on the wall above it and a fun red chair.And, I love how the stripes aren’t so “in your face.”

All in all, it was a good experiment and another technique I can use in the Milk Paint Workshops!

On a side note, I got a couple of new pieces today.

An antique organ with matching bench, and…

an antique piano. 

If you are interested in either, send me a facebook message! 

Have a great weekend.