Last Thursday, my mom and I were setting up my backyard for an outdoor baby shower that we were throwing for my sister.

As we were setting up tables and chairs in the sweltering heat, I commented to my mom that it was going to be too hot to be outside. “But it looks so beautiful,” she said. I commented back at her that it didn’t matter how pretty it looked, if we were sweating buckets no one was going to care about the china, buntings, chandeliers or anything else. But, we persisted on with the outdoor decoration.

Without a doubt, Saturday was the hottest day of the year. By 9:00 am it was in the mid 90’s. By 10:00 am it was pushing triple digits.

It was, never the less a picture perfect baby shower.

Despite the sweltering heat, we made the most of it and got some great pictures of the set-up!

I set up the backyard into four stations…so to speak.

The far back on the grass was the eating area. I had a tent set up with a lounge section for enjoying drinks…

…and on each side of the lounge were two dining room tables with seating for eight.

I used my mis-matched china, blue mason jars, vintage lace place mats and burlap pockets for the tables.

The flower centerpieces were displayed in a variety of mis-matched vintage silver pieces.
The second station was set up near my swimming pool (and in the shade) for all of the beverages.

I had a make-your-own mimosa bar, iced coffee drinks, iced tea, spa water and some other cool beverages…since it was the hottest day of the year.

The third station was a crafting area. I had all of the shower guests make a small bunting piece when they arrived. I am going to put all the pieces together in the next month.

The last station was a breakfast buffet on the covered patio deck.

In the spirit of flexibility (and out of consideration for the old ladies and pregnant ladies…and me), we ended up moving the entire shower indoor where the temperature was much tolerable.

I’m going to share more about the shower, what I used, the game we played, the chalkboards I made and our new rental opportunities that are coming about as a result of this particular party!

And, I have to give a HUGE Thank-you and major props to my friend Michelle Black who came before all of the guests arrived to take pictures of the decorations! Please check out her awesome art work that she creates using her own photography!

Can’t wait…so until then…