On Monday night of this week I was laying in bed trying to think of a fun way to promote the Holiday Stroll on facebook. Then it struck me. I should re-write a traditional Christmas song. Problem…only 24 hours to write it, film it and post it. I scribbled some lyrics down and convinced my Dad to play piano and Caitlin to play sleigh bells. 
My plan was to prop my cell phone against a pile of books pointed toward us and hope for a few decent takes to upload. Caitlin came with an entourage who had a laptop, a camera and great directorial skills. It was legit…at least the behind the camera scene was legit. Not so much what we were doing.  😉
Thanks to Eric and Rose, we got some great video coverage and really good direction. I’m pretty sure Rose saved us on rhythm.
I bring you “Strollin’ Down Glendora Avenue”
Video by ER Collective with cinematography & editing by Erick De Luna and conducting by Rose Ivy Wallace
Lyrics by Michele Rivard
Dad on Piano
Caitlin Holland on Sleigh Bells
Sung to the tune of “Winter Wonderland”
“Strollin’ Down Glendora Ave.”
Sung to the tune of “Winter Wonderland”
Sleigh bells ring are you listenin’?
On the street trees are glistenin’
A beautiful sight We’re happy tonight
Strollin’ down Glendora Avenue
Cruisin’ by Classic Coffee
In the air I smell a latte
Martha’s has sweets but Desire has better treats
Strollin’ down Glendora Avenue 
Head on north we’re here at Undercovers
how ’bout a bra or sexy lingerie
Walk down south for Frye boots and a sweater
a scarf to round it out at Sunny Days
Get em wrapped at Periwinkle
with a boy that shines and twinkles
some flowers from She’s or a computer at TPC
Strollin’ down Glendora Avenue
Wait whats that I see? It’s knot too shabby
Our favorite store in town here’s why, you’ll see!
We “pick,” we paint, we teach and we’re not crabby
So grab a can of paint and paint with me
This Friday night, we’ll be busy
But there’s no need to have a tizzy
We promise not to sing if you check out our scene
Strollin’ down Glendora Avenue
Come out this Friday night for a Holiday Stroll delight