Early this morning (California time) I skyped with my girls before they were off to school. I was really excited to tell them about my day and said, “while you were sleeping in bed last night, mommy visited a castle!!!

It sat up on a large hill and was surrounded by fog. 

As the fog gave way, a quaint and charming village of delightful homes could be seen down below.

We worked our way up the castle walkway to escape the freezing temperature and retreated to the warmth of the castle walls.

Inside, we were exposed to a world of medieval charm…

…complete with the dreamiest furniture a collector has ever seen!

Not to mention historical antiquities that put our notion of ‘vintage items’ to shame!!!

Wandering the brisk outdoor courtyards were worth fighting the bitter cold to revel in the remarkable medieval architecture.

Barely able to be seen over the towering castle walls were stunning views of the village below.

I likened the scene to that of New Orleans Square in Disneyland. Clean, cute but in contrast to Disneyland, entirely authentic. I was giddy walking the paved road marveling in its utter cuteness!

A place definitely worth visiting, the Castle Vianden in the little Village of Vianden. It’s adorable!