After a busy weekend in Belgium, we headed around Luxembourg to do some sightseeing on the tail end of the trip. 

Destination: Bourscheid Castle

Here’s how the day went. Depart hotel at 11:30 to the train station to head to the castle.

Forget to take the train map and guess as to what train stop to take. 

Exit the train at the approximate stop only to see the castle from the hill. No worries. Let’s just catch a bus. 

Problem: Bus only arrives every 60 minutes. No worries. Let’s just check out this little village…that consists of about 10 houses a church and zero people. 

Catch another train to go back to where we can get a bus. 

Get off on the wrong train stop (again) to wait for another train. In the meantime, take selfies to pass the time. 

Catch another train to where we can get on a bus to go to the castle (the one that we saw from a distance). 

Race down a mountainess road (literally, we were running) because by now, it is 3:15 and the castle is closing at 4:00.

Arrive at castle at 3:40. They decided to close early. Yep. After all that! 

At least we got to see the exterior.

Lesson learned. Don’t forget the map. Oh…and learn to speak French so communicating is easier. Fortunately, Tracy and I were cracking up over the whole day. I wouldn’t have been laughing about it had I been alone, though. 

After our castle adventure, we arrived back to the city around dinnertime where we could enjoy the great Christmas decorations and Christmas Market.

We took a ride on the ferris wheel…$15 later. 

And, saw some beautiful views of Luxembourg City at night. 

It was an adventure. It it was one of the greatest days of sightseeing…since all of it was unplanned.