Christine Broadhurst understands the beauty in the old and dusty relics of years past. A Glendora native, her mother Sheila immigrated from England at the age of seventeen to marry Christine’s father. Having just passed away  two short years ago, Sheila passed her love of antiquities and vintage pieces to Christine.



“Everything I do, I do in the memory of my Mom,” explains Christine.

Having gotten to know Christine over the past few months during the BAZAAR, it isn’t surprising to learn that she was amongst one of our first vendors to sign-up and commit to selling all three months. Christine’s enthusiasm is contagious. She was exuberant about the opportunity to share her love of vintage pieces and sell some of her own valuable treasures to like-minded customers who would appreciate them for their rich history.


For twelve years, Christine hung on to boxes and boxes of vintage jewelry, photographs and postcards that she inherited from her Godparents. They sat in the back of closets collecting dust and waiting to be opened. “I knew someday I would have the right venue to sell them,” Christine tells me.


Christine’s boxes of inherited treasures has evolved into her new small business initiative, Sheila’s Attic Glendora; named after her mom and hometown. In just a few short weeks, she will be launching her new website, and finishing up the DBA process!


As her business takes flight, you can find Christine selling in venues all over Southern California, sharing her love of her family and passing along the rich history behind each piece that she sells!


Please stop by her booth this Saturday, June 7th to say “hi.” And, keep an eye out for her new website over the coming weeks!

Sheila’s Attic Glendora at the June knot too shabby BAZAAR!

Saturday, June 7th

7:00-3:00 pm

Corner of Glendora Ave. and Bennett Ave. in the Glendora Village