We have been terrible about staging furniture! Half the time, something sells before I even get a good shot of a finished piece. The other half I don’t have any place to set up a staging area to make it look pretty on camera.

It’s such a problem that we’ve discussed for years having a “staging wall” in the shop. We get the wall put together, things fill up, something (semi)permanent takes it place, more things arrive and pretty soon we’re bursting at the seams with no room to stage. Then, the cycle repeats itself.

Not again, I tell ya’! I’ve been cleaning and purging the store for weeks. Trying to sell off (and sometimes practically give away) old stuff to make room for new things and widen the aisles for the Halloween Walk and Holiday Stroll. FINALLY, we have room. Room for a fabulous Halloween Photo Booth and room for a staging wall.

halloween photo booth

(We are hosting the Halloween Photo Booth with Killer Cupcake Event Photography during the Village Halloween Walk from 10-2pm on Halloween! We had fun today setting it up and taking test shots)!

Besides getting ready for Halloween this week, Caitlin and I have also been properly staging our furniture to put on the sale page of the website. It’s amazing how much nicer a piece looks when it is decorated! I am bound and determined to keep some space free for the sole purpose of having nice photographs! So, I leave you with pictures of some of the things that are currently in the shop along with many home décor items! Enjoy!

Emp Silk Custom Mix-5

Dried Lavender Chest-1

China Cabinet, Old White, Arles-1

Paris Side table-2

Graphite with Pure White Stencil-4

Boxwood Childrens Desk-3

Boxwood Childrens Desk-2

Hutch, Paris Grey, Dark Wax-2