I’m getting my groove on for Christmas. We’ve been doing endless amounts of crafting, glittering and gluing! Have I ever mentioned how much I despise crafting? Sadly, our do-it-yourself mentality and clientele push us to create all of our own Christmas decorations (I say sadly because it is not something I enjoy)! So be prepared people! Come November 21st (the Annual Glendora Village Holiday Stroll) this place is going to be a glittered wonderland of handmade Christmas decorations. In my head, it looks awesome. Reality may be something else completely.

I had to give myself a reprieve from the crafting today and work on some furniture that’s been sitting around.


I got this quilt cabinet from one of my Painting Passport holders and it’s been sitting in the shop collecting dust for months. I was waffling between painting it Mustard Seed or Tricycle. As is so often the case, my mood today was not feelin’ yellow or red so I ended up going a completely different direction with the color.

Mint Green Quilt Cabinet MMS-1

I mixed a custom color using about equal parts Lucketts Green and Linen and about half a part of Eulalie’s Sky for a soft and warm minty shade.

Mint Green Quilt Cabinet MMS-3

I added a white wax stencil treatment to the front panels next to the cabinet door.

Mint Green Quilt Cabinet MMS-4

Mint Green Quilt Cabinet MMS-6

And, some new hardware to give it a little sparkle.

Mint Green Quilt Cabinet MMS-5

I just love the little bit of chipping!

Mint Green Quilt Cabinet MMS-2

As a last step, I added the new Tough Coat to seal in the chipping and add a protective finish and I’m so happy with the durability of the Tough Coat without the obnoxious shine of most liquid top coats. I have a feeling I will be using this product often!

You can find this Quilt Cabinet on the for sale page!