For the past 15 months, we have been seeking out a location for a second store front. I have looked at a dozen plus stores in Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Alta Loma and Claremont. The first question a building owner or leasing agent asks is, “what do you sell?” My answer: We GIVE AWAY inspiration and SELL everything you need to make your inspired project a reality.

We INSPIRE beautiful homes and SELL the furnishings and decor to go in them.

We INSPIRE imperfect design and SELL the products to bring those designs to life.

We INSPIRE the do-it-yourself attitude and SELL the workshops to bring confidence.

We INSPIRE creativity…

We INSPIRE repurposing…

We INSPIRE partying…

You get where I’m going?

The hardest thing about pitching our business to a would-be landlord is helping them to understand the many different layers of our business and how each contributes to the overall success of our shop.

And, unfortunately I have had 15-months of 1) “you’re business isn’t right for my space” (insert generic clothing store here) or 2) “Excuse me sir? How much do you want for your space!?”

With the coming of a new year, we are looking ahead at ways to grow our business and continue to INSPIRE our customers, despite the fact that we still have yet to seal the deal on a second store front! As both my girls are attending more and more birthday parties…anything from jiu jitsu to cooking parties, I’ve been thinking, “how can I get a piece of that pie?” Caitlin, Macy, Kelly and I sat down and brainstormed how a birthday party could come to life at knot too shabby.

Painting parties are a no brainer. But where? For how long? And, what?Princess Paint-102

We opted to try one out! We got a group of girls together for a “birthday party.” We called it, Painting with a Princess. Each girl received their own jewelry box, and selection of paint colors and brushes to work on their project!

Princess Paint-224Kelly facilitated the party and gave the girls some expert painting tips on their projects! The highlight was when Princess Rapunzel arrived to paint with the girls. Princess Paint-184

While projects were drying, Caitlin (Killer Cupcake Event Photography) set up one of her photo booths and Rapunzel played some games with the girls. Princess Paint-020

Each one of the girls was able to take home their finished projects as a party favor along with a sweet skewer courtesy of Sweets Indeed! Princess Paint-189

We had so much fun with these girls and loved watching them be creative with their projects! Princess Paint-256

Pricing information and party brochures will be coming out after the first of the year so stay posted! We will have anything from simple painting parties to “Banners for your Bedroom,” Image transfers and of course, the Paint with a Princess event. If you are interested in joining our birthday party interest list, send us an e-mail and we will notify you when we launch our first parties! Princess Paint-347

In the meantime, while we continually develop new options for our customers (young and old) to celebrate their creativity, we explore the surrounding San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire for our perfect second location so that we can spread our love of all things refinished and repurposed!