knot too shabby BAZAAROn January 1, 2017 Open Registration will begin for new and returning vendors to our annual #knottooshabbyBAZAAR! An event five years in the making, if you are on the fence about participating as a vendor this year, perhaps I can help persuade you into considering becoming one of our amazing sellers! Our team and amazing vendors from previous years helped put together a list of the top reasons for becoming a vendor at the knot too shabby BAZAAR.

This is a hand-picked, shabby chic event that offers a selling opportunity to only the best of the best in our artisan community!
Every application is screened by a committee to ensure that the products being represented at the knot too shabby BAZAAR are an ideal fit for our community of consumers. Not only do the products being sold fit within a very specific target demographic of buyers and shoppers, but they are created by people who have an active online presence with photographs and content that add value to their product lines and the event we are hosting. Great products, beautifully staged photographs and well thought out vendor booths provide for an event that has minimal haggling! And, believe me when I say that when buyers appreciate the value of the time and talents that went into creating handmade products–artisans can devote their energy to their craft and find deeper inspiration toward pursuing their passion.

knot too shabby BAZAAR

Reason #2
The vendor fees are among the least expensive in the ENTIRE COUNTRY!
Believe me! We’ve looked. At under $100 for booth space (and as low as $40) the knot too shabby BAZAAR is among the most affordable handmade markets. Not to mention, that we do not take a percent of your sales. So, you earnings for the day are yours to keep! Need I say more?

Reason #3
We have yet to find another handmade market or vintage fair that provides as much as we do by way of CUSTOMIZED marketing materials, advertising messages and cross promotional opportunities!
What you get when you become a vendor:

1. Professionally designed and printed postcards with event details for distribution via mail or hand delivery;
2. A complete registration packet that includes a social media calendar with post content for easy drafting;
3. An invitation to a private vendors-only facebook group;
4. A customized graphic specially tailored for you and your products;
5. Cross marketing through facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest among other vendors as well as knot too shabby;
6. Press release submissions to the area print publications;
7. In-store vendor gathering prior to the event to offer support and answer questions regarding not just the event, but general business practices as well. We take the best practices and share them with all the vendors.
8. A professionally photographed event by our very own Caitlin of Killer Cupcake Event Photography.

Reason #4
This is among one of the most anticipated community events of the year!

Seriously…I base that on feedback and comments that we receive on a weekly basis! We are asked year-round when the knot too shabby BAZAAR is scheduled. Five years in the running, our small town looks forward to the vintage flair and quality goods that this event is known to offer! Unlike your typical vintage flea market or community swap meet, those attending the knot too shabby BAZAAR our coming as consumers, ready to spend their hard earned dollars on your wares, paying your asking price on something unique…one-of-a-kind and handmade! While a majority of the people in attendance are from Glendora and the surrounding cities, the knot too shabby BAZAAR has gained notoriety in the vintage marketplace and draws and significant number of people from as far north as central and northern California as well as our friendly southern cities in Orange County and San Diego. We even have people in Arizona, Oregon and Washington make travel arrangements based on when the knot too shabby BAZAAR is scheduled. I promise, I’m not making this up! And, for those who are local, they attend this event with fierce loyalty year after year. Whether it is hot or pouring rain.

knot too shabby BAZAAR

Reason #5
The knot too shabby BAZAAR has been a platform where new business are launched with great success!

Year after year, we welcome new vendors, aspiring businesses and talented artisans to take part in our event.  Many of them are first time show participants, testing the waters of consumerism in a safe and familiar environment that is widely supported by the knot too shabby team and the community at large. In five years, we have watched first time vendors become widespread wholesalers of their product to other retailers, have their products picked up by other small businesses, become successful artisan sellers at both knot too shabby locations, attend vintage fairs all over southern California and beyond, and open their own retail locations, all while growing their own social media presence and online shopping experiences. I’m not suggesting that these amazing women (and the occasional man) are successful because of us, but they have found value in the knot too shabby BAZAAR as an opportunity to further grow their business endeavors. For us, it is so exciting to watch.

knot too shabby BAZAAR

If you’re ready to jump at the opportunity to become a knot too shabby BAZAAR vendor–apply now! Apply by December 31st, 2016 for priority registration to receive a discount on your registration fee, first pick of your booth location, and a head-start on your marketing campaign as a premiere vendor at the knot too shabby BAZAAR.

knot too shabby BAZAAR