Once Halloween is over, it is officially Christmastime in the Village.

(Mind you, we’ll still have a few of the fall and Thanksgiving items until the end of November).

The Annual Glendora Holiday Stroll is on Friday, November 17th from 6:00 9:00 pm!

Here are my top EIGHT tips for how to make the most of this, the most popular event in the Glendora Village.

ONE: Arrive Early for Best Parking

Parking is crazy on the night of the stroll, and since the Avenue is closed to traffic, it makes what little parking there is even more limited. If you get here early enough, you can grab a precious space on Meda Ave. or in one of the small parking lots (behind Classic Coffee, next to Bank of America or by the Village Vault). Some of the lesser known lots available is the Park and Ride on Vista Bonita and Foothill and there is usually more parking on Glendora Ave. north of Bennett.

Two: Take Advantage of the Preview Hour

knot too shabby opens an hour early (at 5:00 pm) and offers a jump start on our extremely popular Holiday Photo Booth by Killer Cupcake Event Photography. We honor our newsletter subscribers, blog readers, Instagram followers and Facebook friends by giving them exclusivity on the photo booth for that precious, less populated hour of business!

During that preview hour, you can also hop up to Top Billing Entertainment to check out their Craft Fair, who will be starting things at 5:00 pm for early arrivers.

Three: Stop in for a Photo Booth Fast Pass

If you can’t arrive at 5:00 pm, you can still take advantage of our new Photo Booth Fast Pass! From November 9th through November 16th, receive a free ticket for a Photo Booth Fast Pass. We will be issuing Fast Passes as a thank-you to those customers who spend over $50 during the week of the Holiday Stroll. However, these Fast Passes are limited, so they will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Fast Passes will be available during a specified time period between the hours of 6:00 and 9:00 pm.

Four: If you are Planning on Shopping….

Bring extra cash. While virtually all of the establishments accept credit cards, processing a credit card transaction takes on average twice as long. So, if you are looking into maximizing your time, bring extra cash to get the most out of the limited time. And, a small wagon isn’t a bad idea if you will be purchasing from multiple establishments (although, keep in mind it may be hard to maneuver a wagon around the busy village and crowded stores). Many stores (including us) will also hang on to your bags until the end of the event or event the next day so you don’t have to lug them around.

At knot too shabby, we will have two lines for in-store purchases during the Holiday Stroll; one for credit/debit card transactions and one for cash transactions. We want to simplify the process as much as possible.

Five: If you aren’t shopping that night…

Keep you phone handy. You’ll want to be able to take pictures of the items you want to come back for. Some stores will have specials available only during the Holiday Stroll and others will offer coupons or discounts for when you come back. Catalog who does what with pictures so that you can keep track of it all. But remember, these are small mom and pop shops that carry limited inventories so if you see something you have to have, it’s a good idea to pick it up right then and there because there is no guarantee that it will still be there the next day.

Six: Make your Dinner Reservations Now…

If one of the Village restaurants offers reservations, take advantage of it by reserving your table early. Wait times for tables can range upwards of 45 minutes to an hour during the Holiday Stroll.

Both Luca Bell and T Phillips have reservation seating available through Open Table!!!

Seven: Dress Up…

Where your holiday finest, dress up the kids and bring out the dogs! Pictures with Santa and the tree lighting in the Bus Plaza make for a great photo op. So, dress the part! And, we love the variety of dogs that will be out and about. So, don’t shy away from bringing your furry friends! We like to celebrate Christmas with them, too.

Eight: Don’t try to do it all…

It’s impossible to do everything there is to offer at the Holiday Stroll. Remember, the carriage rides and Santa Claus will be in the Village EVERY SATURDAY from 3-7 until Christmas, so if you miss those opportunities at the Holiday Stroll, there is plenty of time to come back during the month.

But, do try and enjoy the perks being offered just that night. For example, Glendora Florist will offering a FREE “Design your Own” Floral Bouquet Wrap and Hilltop Real Estate will be having a “Make Your Own Ornament” for kids! Top Billing Entertainment, in addition to their vendor craft fair also has party performers, free face glitter and balloon animals.

Invite your family & friends to join you at the Annual Glendora Village Holiday Stroll!