The ToP 10 Reasons you should apply to be a vendor at the knot too shabby BAZAAR in no particular order!

  1. This isn’t the Rose Bowl Flea Market which means you won’t be competing with 22,476 other vendors selling practically the same thing as you (for probably cheaper). It also means you probably won’t see any celebrities shopping…but who wants to see celebrities anyway? Bazaar-Apr-34
  2. EVERY vendor is hand-selected to participate by a committee! Which means that your neighbor who has a garage full of dusty, grimy junk and happens to smell like beef stew and doesn’t understand the artistic value of setting up a beautiful booth won’t be invited to attend as a vendor. Now, if the booth and product looks amazing, then we’ll excuse the beef stew smell*! Bazaar-Apr-89
  3. You get to sleep in! The event doesn’t start until 9:00 am which means you can party the night before and still sleep in before the event starts. No setting up in the dark and waiting in a line behind 284 moving trucks…in the dark…because it’s pretty much the middle of the night. Yep…I’ve done that before. I don’t want to talk about it.Bazaar-Apr-131
  4. If you’ve been selected as a vendor, then we’re fairly confident your products will sell! This is our 5th year hosting the knot too shabby BAZAAR, and after four years of refining and defining what this event looks like and feels like, we have become adept at identifying the vendors who will be successful! In fact, if your application is rejected, don’t feel bad! It doesn’t mean you don’t have a good product. It just means that it probably won’t be popular at our event based on how we’ve branded it! We want all of our vendors to have a profitable day and we work very hard to set you up for success!Bazaar-May15-495
  5. The DOGS! So. Many. Adorable. Dogs. Shopping with their owners.Bazaar-June14-714
  6. The Location! A beautiful view of the Foothills to the North and the Glendora Village to the South. It doesn’t get much better than that (except for that one Flea Market I did where my booth sat on the edge of a gigantic orange grove. That was pretty awesome)!Bazaar-Apr-13-2
  7. You have a chance to set a new record for highest sales by a vendor…$1,851! YOU CAN DO IT! You have over two months to pull together enough products to beat that record set at the 2015 knot too shabby BAZAAR!!!Bazaar-May15-29
  8. Post BAZAAR business! Virtually every vendor that we’ve talked to AFTER the knot too shabby BAZAAR tells us they do more business after the event than during the event…because of the event! So, even if you don’t sell a thing, you’ll likely get business later on!Bazaar Highlights-16
  9. NETWORKING! You just never know where your business will grow so take advantage of this great opportunity to make connections with other like-minded artisans! Heck…you may even have an opportunity to become an artisan seller at knot too shabby. We’ve DISCOVERED some of our most successful product lines at the knot too shabby BAZAAR!Bazaar-Apr15-28
  10. We got your marketing materials! At what other flea market style event does the organizer provide marketing materials…for Free? Postcards and fliers! Designed and printed for you to mail, hand out and tape on windows! SPREAD THE WORD!Horizontal_Postcard_Front_10


Sign-up today! We are only hosting this event ONE DAY in the Spring (as opposed to our three-day events in previous years). It means that of the 76 vendors who participated over the course of three days last year, we only have room for 40 vendors to participate! We WILL SELL OUT! Check out pictures from previous years events on our website and you can apply online! Early registration fees start at just $45!

knot too shabby BAZAAR FAQ’s

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*We are by no means insinuating that you smell like beef stew if you are not selected as a vendor.