Boho Flair Bedroom Set

Product Dimensions

27 inches wide
17 inches deep
20 inches tall

42 inches wide
20 inches deep
60 inches tall

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In color and style, this chunky bedroom set from the 1970’s (?) offers Bohemian Flair to the bedroom. The dominant color is Annie Sloan Aubusson, but shades of Oxford Navy and pops of Provence are blended throughout. Gold Gilding wax details the floral carvings on the drawers and the columns along the side. Pops of orange, deep reds, bright florals, or simple greens would compliment these pieces. The ombre tones and color blending hide the pieces imperfections of a life well lived.


Additional information

Bedroom Set

Set of Nightstands, Armoire, Armoire & Nightstand Set


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