The next knot too shabby BAZAAR will be held on Saturday, April 7th, 2018 9:00 am – 3:00 pm in the Glendora Village.

We’ve come a long way since our first knot too shabby BAZAAR in 2012! At the 2017 knot too shabby BAZAAR, our vendors handled over $25,000 in tangible transactions! I’m a total numbers girl! I love seeing quantifiable data collected to support qualitative claims of success. Without data, it’s just conjecture, afterall. That’s why, after every knot too shabby BAZAAR, we survey the heck out of vendors and consumers. Here’s what vendors had to say about the knot too shabby BAZAAR:

  • 96% of vendors surveyed rated the BAZAAR as Very Good or Excellent.
This was the best and personally the most successful event to date! It could not have been a more ideal day!
“I feel this show is a little gem. I have shared how great the show is with several people. Very friendly staff and vendors.

  • 87% of vendors utilized marketing strategies and tools provided by knot too shabby to promote the event

    The marketing is some of the best I’ve ever seen.

  • 25% of the vendors grossed over $1,000 in sales.
  • 50% of the vendors grossed over $500 in sales.
  • 96% of vendors grossed over $100 in sales.
I appreciated the hard work displayed by the knot too shabby team. It was a very well run show and attracted a good crowd.

So, what do we have to look forward to in 2018? We are not changing what the knot too shabby BAZAAR is…a handmade festival that celebrates local artisans and makers! We are still going to be focused on quality over quantity when it comes to the vendor selection! And, we are still going to take the opportunity to provide support and materials to our registered vendors to ensure their success! But, here’s our strategy to enhance the knot too shabby BAZAAR in 2018!

Earlier event registration
Returning vendor registration has already begun with a new streamlined process! No more lengthy applications and submissions for returning vendors. And, new applicants will be able to submit applications beginning October 15, 2017. We’ve taken your feedback and allowed for a greater period of time to prepare for the knot too shabby BAZAAR once you’ve been accepted as a vendor.

Thank-you for taking the time to make us each feel valuable and that our input is something that you considered and truly genuinely cared that we all have a great day and a good turnout for the event.

NEW! Returning Vendor Pop-Up Shops
Our returning vendors are our greatest assets at the knot too shabby BAZAAR! For the first time ever, we are providing a free opportunity for returning vendors to host their own pop up shop at knot too shabby during the busy holiday season! The spaces are limited and highly coveted. They will go fast to the best of our returning vendors and will be a great way to grow your business and promote some of the exciting vendors we will see back in the spring! This is our way of saying thank-you to our vendors for participating in the past, and registering for the future!

Enhanced Marketing Initiatives
In addition to our previously executed marketing plans, we are planning on dumping even more money into advertising! Increased exposure in newspapers and local press outlets has already been coordinated, earlier distribution of postcards as well as the addition of large banners and signage to promote vendor registration will take place. We’ve also partnered with local vendors to promote the knot too shabby BAZAAR at holiday and spring shows they attend throughout southern California.

I think the marketing materials were enough and more than sufficed. It is more than most vendors event host produce. Perhaps more varieties of circulars detailing the event for social media to keep feeds looking fresh but otherwise it was more than enough and if nothing was added it would all be good.

Greater Selection of Vendors

The only thing I think would bring more customers to the event is if there were more vendors.

Amen to that! Our greatest emphasis this year will be to solicit and recruit a wider variety of vendors for the 2018 knot too shabby BAZAAR. In years past, we have discouraged baby and kids items from being sold. However, as this event has evolved over the years, we are finding that there is a hole to be filled with items geared toward younger children. We also have an unfulfilled demand for qualified applicants who focus on textiles…items like vintage clothing, hand sewn quilts and blankets, embroidery, macrame, purses or handbags or leather goods. And, we can never have too many vendors who sell authentic vintage goods and painted furniture! Seriously, if this is you or someone you know pass it along. If you sell soap, jewelry, candles, or signs we recommend applying early! We always receive multiple applicants for those types of items, and since we won’t overbook an particular item, it pays to apply and register early so that you aren’t left out because someone with the same items was approved before you were.

Enhanced Hands on Workshops and Demos
This is one of the biggest area that we re-focused our individual efforts at the knot too shabby BAZAAR in years past. Every year, we receive such strong feedback for the “hands on” element of the knot too shabby BAZAAR. This year, we want to focus more heavily on the element by not only enhancing the workshop piece of the knot too shabby booth, but finding unique opportunities for other vendors to be involved. It is just another way to not only add value to the event itself, but it will add value to the various products that are being sold and diversify the workshop component.

We take great pride in the knot too shabby BAZAAR and know that it is among the highly anticipated spring markets in Southern California! That’s what people tell us! But, as anticipated as it is in the LA area, it is our local community that are our avid supporters of the event, year after year! Their willingness to come out with wallets full and an eagerness to buy is what allows us to host this event for seven years running! So, tell someone you know in the handmade community to consider participating! As much as we love to see our returning vendors, our new vendors each year add new interest and variety!